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How To Research

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Our discussion channel for webmasters, is a live Q+A is a broadcast via Google Hangouts supported with a live twitter chat stream via #IMHhangout.

Is it a national and social problem that people don’t know how to research?. Social networks have allowed the majority of us to believe information is readily available. Take a look at Yahoo! Answers; these questions are easily searchable via Google, Bing, or any search engine. Type a question in on Yahoo’s homepage search bar and find a solution. Google’s interactive searchbar even does math and conversions for you. The skill itself of “Research” has become diluted in it’s meaning.

Today I’m exposing a range of web 2.0 research tools you’ve probably never heard of. This world of online data is important for small business, website owners, college students, interviewees, and analysts. The format is going to be a fairly open forum for debate, opinions, and shared experience, here are the guide questions to stimulate your thoughts.

Questions to follow a round of introductions: I’ve prepared a couple of handouts for you to keep track of in this huge subject!

  1. Introduce yourself!  #students #writers #smallbusiness #webpro
  2. What are your favorite Web 2.0 research tools: #analytics #trends #adwords
  3. What in the past helped you learn the importance of research? #college #competition
  4. Are there any research methods missing from our flow chart?

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