Finding the Best Website Hosting Can Be a Challenge

Finding the best website hosting | InMotion Hosting

Trying to find the best website hosting can be a challenge. There are many different companies that offer hosting, but which one is best? More importantly, which is best for you?

Not all plans are the same and believe it or not, you may be paying for a plan that has more features than you need for your website. In order to find the best plan, read over this guide for key categories to consider when deciding on a hosting company.


Storage is the main difference between hosting plans. Lower cost plans will have less storage whereas higher cost will have more. When determining storage you will need to factor in site size and amount of visitors.

To find out your actual site size there are many websites that will do this for you, as well as test your page load time. If you have a smaller site, run the test for each page to get an accurate result. If you have a larger site, you can run a few pages and use that average for the rest of your pages. Add them up, and you have your site size.

For the visitor amount, you should be able to check your analytics or reports, and if you don’t have them, get them. Use these two numbers to look at plans and see where you would fit. We recommend leaving some room to grow and not choosing a plan that is very close to your numbers.


Bandwidth allows you to transfer data between your website, visitors, and the web in general. You’ll want a good amount of bandwidth to ensure that the visitor has a good experience. A lot of companies put a limit on bandwidth, especially the lower tier packages. We don’t like to limit you so we offer unlimited on all of our packages.


All hosting companies will have security measures in place to protect your website. But as we know, not all companies are the same and some companies offer lesser security. What you want to look for is a firewall, malware scans, and SSL certificates. These are the three primary security measures every hosting company should have. Extra measures are always welcome, but if they don’t have these three at a minimum then look elsewhere.

Although technically not a part of security, look for how often the hosting provider runs a backup of your site, or if they run one at all. Having an available recent backup of your site means your site will be up and running again after an attack, which decreases downtime.


How much support will you have if something goes wrong? The best website hosting companies will offer the best support. For example, we at InMotion Hosting offer 24/7 support, guides, and tutorials for help on every side of your website and hosting plan. We think that this should be the bar for support and that every company should have this. Unfortunately, not every company does, and so not all support is as good as ours.

When your website goes down you want to make sure that you have people who care about working to resolve the issue, from a company that wants your website up as much as you do.


Finding the best website hosting for your website may take some time. You will want to see what different companies offer, check prices, and so on. Remember to use a plan that works best for you and your website, not just one that offers the most storage for the least amount of money. Finally, make sure your site will be secure and you will have good help if needed. To get a look at what we consider plans made for you, head over to our home page.

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