Tips to Marketing Your Essential Oil Business Online

Essential oils have been used for years in everything from perfumes to scented candles; they’re currently seeing an amazing resurgence in popularity throughout the country.

People are buying essential oils for two main reasons. First, they are purported to be a remedy for a plethora of health problems including digestive issues, insomnia, congestion, and even PMS. The other reason why people are turning to essential oils is that they offer an all-natural, chemical-free path to feel healthier.

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How to Boost Domain Authority

Domain Authority isn’t a new idea in the world of SEO. Still, many website owners have never heard the term, much less understand what it means. It’s a search engine ranking developed by Moz, and it’s one of the most important numbers when it comes to SEO. After Google stopped publishing Page Rank, it became the go-to resource for estimating site performance.

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